Jackie Aguilar kicks her way into history on a Dallas high school football team

Jackie Aguilar is making history at one Texas High School where she became the first female to play on the varsity football team.

A junior at Wilmer-Hutchins High School in Dallas, Aguilar had been dreaming of one day becoming a kicker on the varsity football team. She succeeded in that dream in a recent tryout.

In doing so, she is now the first female to play on the varsity at Wilmer-Hutchins. She began dreaming of being a football kicker since middle school.

Those dreams are now a reality for Aguilar. And it has certainly paid off for Wilmer-Hutchins as Aguilar has made 11-of-13 point-after attempts through the first four games of the season.

“Since sixth grade, I always wanted to be a kicker,” Aguilar said according to KDFW, a Fox affiliate in Dallas.

“The reason I wanted to be a kicker was because every time I played soccer and I’d shoot the ball, everybody would tell me, ‘You have a strong leg.’”

The junior said that she told the Wilmer-Hutchins head coach two years ago that she planned on kicking for the team someday. Her efforts in landing a spot on the team and in becoming a successful kicker are sure to inspire future generations of young females.

Her making the team is a victory, Aguilar says, for all the other females who hope to play football someday.

“It feels nice representing the girls because I want them to see how like people say it’s a man’s sport and only men play football, but girls can also play football, too,” Aguilar said. “Girls can be a kicker. Girls can be other positions, too.”

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