This 6-foot-8, 250-pound quarterback is taking the internet by storm

Cam Newton-sized quarterbacks are typically compared to linebackers. What’s a defense to do when the QB they’re chasing is bigger and stronger than the biggest and strongest of them?

This latest quarterback to take the internet by storm is even bigger. Forget the linebacker. What does a defender do when a quarterback is built more like a lineman?

Jamar Graham, the reportedly 6-foot-8, 250-pound Tucker High School (Ga.) quarterback committed to Alabama A&M, is yet another example of the South knowing how to build up their boys. Perhaps the tallest QB in the nation, his sheer size is the foundation of the formidable nature of his play.

Watch him bowl over a defender in the third clip on this Instagram post:


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Defenders are likely trying to force him to throw, as Graham posted 1,503 passing yards with a completion percentage of just 50.3% as a senior. He had 15 touchdown passes and six interceptions.

On the ground, he rushed 46 times for 103 yards and four more touchdowns.

He has received multiple awards and recognitions, according to his Alabama A&M bio. He was a First-Team All-Region and All-County player as a sophomore, First-Team All-Region as a junior, and then Region Player of the Year as a senior. A star on the basketball court as well, he picked up First-Team All-Region recognition as a senior, per the bio.

It’s worth noting that his university bio lists him at 6-foot-6, though his account page on social media platform X does say 6-foot-8. Both list him at 250 pounds.

Social media posts over the month of April have racked up tens of thousands of likes as people rediscover this soon-to-be collegiate athlete.

It’s exhilarating to think of what he will look like at the next level. Win or lose, it’s something the nation has rarely if ever seen.

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